PhD student positions at Lantmännen


In collaboration with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and their new PhD program, LivsID, Lantmännen now offers a unique opportunity for three industrial PhD students to run research projects within food science and agriculture. LivsID is part of the government’s initiative in the national food strategy to meet future challenges within the industry.

We invite you to apply to one or more of the following projects:

Fractionation of grains to create new functional food ingredients Wheat bran is a side stream from grinding of wheat that contains many interesting components. The aim of the PhD project is to create new functional ingredients from wheat bran through fractionation and extraction. This will mean up-scaling from lab scale, characterization and evaluation of the component’s function in model systems such as emulsions, foams and gels.

Location: SLU Uppsala, Lantmännen Head office in Stockholm and Lantmännen Reppe Växjö

Future feed evaluation for a competitive agriculture Increased use of domestic feed is strategically important for the sustainable development of Swedish milk production. The project objective is to contribute to increased knowledge and understanding of the feeding value of forage crops. The structure of lignin in various crops can explain differences in feed efficiency. This assumption becomes important in the future of plant breeding, feed development and concrete advice to milk producers.

Location: SLU Umeå and Uppsala, Lantmännen Lantbruk Malmö

Flour quality for bakery The goal is to optimize wheat flour’s baking quality and to find more efficient analyzing methods. A wheat dough is a complex structure whose properties are dependent on the flour quality, for example the amount and the quality of protein, starch, soluble fibers, polar lipids and their interactions. Today, about 19 analyzes are made to standardize the flour, despite this the desired quality for the bread is not always achieved. The idea is to use metabolomics and statistical analysis to find more relevant quality measurements of the flour.

Location: SLU Uppsala, Lantmännen head office in Stockholm and partly of the time at our flour mills located in Malmö, Strängnäs, Veijle in Denmark and Oslo in Norway

The research projects extend over five years and you will be employed by Lantmännen. This is a full time employment where you will spend 80 % of the time on the assigned research project, and beyond this, you will get a unique insight into the business of Lantmännen as you will spend the rest of the time working there. After finishing the research project there will be an opportunity to continue your career within Lantmännen.

Qualifications We are looking for three industrial PhD students with a Master of science (MSc) in Food Technology or Agriculture, or equivalent. Experience from the industry/product development and scientific research is meriting. To be successful in the role it is required that you are fluent in English (both written and oral) and have good skills in Swedish or another Scandinavian language. As a person you are structured, driven and have a strong ability to independently conduct your work and create results. To be comfortable in the role, you cooperate easily with others, are outgoing and have a strong communicative ability. Last but not least, You share our values – Openness, Holistic view, Drive – and our promise of taking responsibility from field to fork.

Please state which project/s you are applying for and attach personal letter, resume, certified copies of MSc certificate to your application. This is three full-time permanent positions, with a six-month probationary period. The positions will be assigned in the beginning of April 2018, and starting date will be in the beginning of September 2018.

We look forward to your application as soon as possible, but no later than 7th of March 2018.

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If you have questions or want further information about the research projects, please find contact details below.

Fractionation of grains to create new functional food ingredientsAnnelie Moldin Lantmännen R&D, Phone: 0709 27 87 83, / Maud Langton SLU Uppsala, Phone: 018-671 983, E-mail:

Future feed evaluation for a competitive agriculture: Pär-Johan Lööf Lantmännen R&D, Phone: 0703 18 88 72, / Mårten Hetta SLU Umeå, Phone: +46 70 589 83 55, E-mail:

Flour quality for bakeryChristian Malmberg Lantmännen R&D, Phone: 0768 86 35 08, / Roger Andersson SLU Uppsala, Phone: 018 671 597, E-mail:

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